What You Need To Know About My New Company

Big news! My wife, Rebekah, and I are gearing up to launch a new company and we’re super excited to share it with you. It’s called Real Food Diets and our mission is to help you live the happy and healthy life you’ve dreamed of.

Both Rebekah and I have backgrounds in natural health and clean eating, but Real Food Diets is our first venture into the nutrition world and we’re super excited.

The Real Food Diets Mission

It’s simple—eat what you love and feel good. We believe in clean nutrition so you can live the happy and healthy life you want.

Whether you already swear by your real food lifestyle or just have an interest in feeling good everyday and having a happy body, I am confident you will learn something new from our content and programs.

You see, a real food lifestyle inspires you to thrive in all aspects of life. By eating better, you will sleep better, work better, feel better, and live better. It’s our mission to help you see how to eat what you really love and feel better than ever before.

We have really ambitious plans

Rebekah and I have ambitious plans for Real Food Diets. Seriously, this business is going to be marked by hustle and I hope you enjoy seeing us grow.

Every quarter, we’ll be organizing Farm Suppers—community events where real foodies from all around will come and eat together. Daily we’ll be publishing fresh articles and recipes by the internet’s favorite real food enthusiasts. Our shop will feature top products to make preparing and eating real food so much easier.

We’ll be launching an exclusive online membership community in the middle of 2016 to equip you with expert video training, meal plans, recipes, ebooks and more.

Eat good, feel good, do good

It’s not just about eating healthy food or living a healthy lifestyle, Read Food Diets is about making better food available to those around us.

That’s why we’re partnering with a few select non-profit organizations to connect people with real food and help them live happy, healthy lives. A portion of each purchase made through Real Food Diets will help someone else eat good, feel good, and do good to those around them. We'll be announcing the specific partners soon.

How you can help

Download our company overview here.

Check it out and share it with anyone you know who might be interested. It’d mean the world to us.

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Are you interested in eating a real food diet? Let me know what you think and how we can help. I read every single one of them.