If you confuse you lose. I help innovative brands tell a better story that inspires their customers to buy.

As an experienced marketing leader, I have a consistent track record of building high-performing teams from scratch, improving profitability, and implementing successful department-wide processes. My collaborative style works extremely well with customers and colleagues alike.

Currently I'm the Content Director at Pneuma33 Creative. I live in Bend, Oregon with my stunning wife Rebekah, and two children: Peter and Olive.

In the fringe hours, I grow my side hustle, Real Food Diets, and consult with companies to clarify their message and create better websites, elevator pitches, marketing collateral, and more. 

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"There are only a handful of faces I know I can trust, and Simon is one of those faces."

—Andy Maier, Partner & Video Director, Belief Agency

A little more about me

Born in Portland, OR, I moved to Seattle, WA, at the age of 18 to pursue a Bachelors in Business Administration. Three years into my degree, I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. Everyday I woke up anxious, slowly realizing that every minute spent in the classroom was another minute spent not chasing my dreams. 

It was my junior year in college when I realized a diploma wasn’t going to skyrocket my career or put me right into a six-figure salary. Instead, it was dragging me into debt and causing me to waste the first few years of my professional career in a classroom. After months of struggling internally, I decided to leave college and start spending my time doing work I actually cared about with people I actually wanted to learn from.

I don't come from a line of successful entrepreneurs or business owners, but my passion and drive for meaningful work has brought me into a fast growing career and opened the door to multiple entrepreneurial ventures. 

My mission is that everyone who visits this site will leave with shortcuts and practical insights that will help them better understand themselves, their customer, and ultimately their brand.

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